Welcome to bug10738.openaos.org!

This space was donated by Thomas (dm8tbr) of the openAOS project to help with the situation that will hopefully be eventually resolved in bug 10738, which was filed at bugs.meego.com.


As the legal situation is unfortunate for community driven hardware adaptations at the moment, we have to make sure you read this before you proceed:

None of this content is in any way to be considered MeeGo! None of it is compliant, certified nor endorsed by MeeGo!

Some of the hardware adaptations may at some point get recognized as official MeeGo adaptations and will then be moved away from this server to official space. This server is providing space for those adaptations that are not official yet or may never be official for certain reasons.

You will not file bugs in the official bugzilla against those images! Please turn to the creator of the image or the community working on the specific hardware adaptation to discuss issues you encounter.

By downloading content from this server you acknowledge that you know the above.

Yeah, it's like an EULA, we hate it, but we can't help it, OK?
Please also no direct linking without letting your users know that they are NOT downloading MeeGo!
We're working on making life easier for community hardware adaptations, but this is the best we can do right now it seems.

Oh and while we're doing this EULA style here's an EULA/porn-site style gating question:

You hereby confirm to have read the above disclaimer and want to enter the website.

OMG! Non official content! Get me out of here!